Foreclosure Defense & Loan Modifications

Need Legal Help To Avoid Home Foreclosure?

If you are behind on your mortgage and are threatened with foreclosure, the team at the Law Office of Albert Coto will work with you to save your home and everything for which you’ve worked.

Our experienced attorney will explore all your options, including modifying your loan, filing for bankruptcy protection or fighting the foreclosure action in court. We understand how heartbreaking it would be to lose your house. Our legal team will do everything we can to prevent that.

Helping You Negotiate A Loan Modification

One option may be to rework your mortgage loan if you have missed house payments. However, most lenders will not negotiate unless you have a lawyer. Attorney Albert Coto has extensive experience representing Maryland debtors, including distressed homeowners. He will work directly with the lender to negotiate a loan workout with the most favorable terms and explore any government loan modification programs for which you may qualify.

Be wary of for-profit loan modification scams. These companies ask for large sums of money upfront but rarely get results. Our law firm is not here to put you farther in debt; we are here to help you solve your debt problems and save your house.

Effective Foreclosure Defense

Lenders must follow specific rules when foreclosing on a home. At the Law Office of Albert Coto, we will stand up for you to prevent an unfair foreclosure. We will fight back against mistakes by lenders or violation of your due process rights in the foreclosure process. By challenging lenders in court, we may be able to defeat an unlawful foreclosure action or postpone it to buy you time to catch up on the arrears or arrange an alternative solution. With strong legal representation, the lender may even agree to a favorable settlement.

Bankruptcy Halts Foreclosure

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also prevent home foreclosure. If you are able to keep up with the current mortgage payments, bankruptcy lets you pay off the arrears over time. The foreclosure process stops when you file for bankruptcy protection. This is just one more strategy for saving your home if you are not eligible for a loan modification and the lender has a legitimate right to foreclose.

Let’s Explore All Your Options

Mr. Coto will personally meet with you to discuss your situation and possible solutions. We are not here to push any particular option. Our only goal is to help you stay in your home. We represent homeowners in Prince George’s, Montgomery, Frederick and Howard counties. To arrange a free initial consultation, call 240-233-6816 or contact us online.

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